• Daily display of Journals/Preprints/Reprints/Newsletters/Annual Reports received by the library.
  • Books/journals not available in the NCRA library are made available to users, on request, by procuring them on loan from other libraries in the country. Photocopied articles from other libraries are also provided if requested. If none of the libraries in India are able to provide the required article then we also approach INSDOC and procure the document for the users.

  • Library has access to various astronomical databases around the world such as NED, RGO, ADS etc. Various queries such as bibliographic Searching of records, Astronomers addressess, Table of Contents of various Journals etc. from the library users are satisfied with the help of these databases.

  • The Library separately displays the newly acquired books for ten days before releasing them for issue. The list of these books are sent to GMRT(Khodad), RAC(Ooty), IUCAA(Pune), RRI(Bangalore) and IIA(Bangalore) libraries.

  • The NCRA Library has an institutional membership with the British Library, Pune. NCRA Library users can borrow books/journals from the British Library.

  • The permanent staff members of NCRA can borrow books/journals from the IUCAA library at any time and vice versa.