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Solar Radio Work Shop 2011
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Invited Speakers    Participant List    Invited Talk Abstracts

  • The main focus of the workshop is to train young researchers and students on combined radio and multi-wavelength studies of energy storage and release during solar eruptions

  • Also to foster strong collaboration between radio and space-borne observing communities to make effective solar studies

  • Particularly, the workshop will emphasis the potential of solar studies combining data from Ooty Radio Telescope, Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope, CALLISTO Spectrographs, Gauribidanur Radioheliograph, SOHO, STEREO, RHESSI, upcoming MAST, Aditya, NLST, and more

  • There is NO registration fee for the workshop. However, the registration is compulsory. Please register before October 15, 2011. To register, email to solarradioworkshop2011@gmail.com. Please note that since there are logistical limitations, the final list of participants will be decided by the workshop organizing committee.

  • Contacts:
    P.K. Manoharan, NCRA-TIFR (mano@ncra.tifr.res.in)
    S. Ananthakrishnan, Pune University (subra.anan@gmail.com)

    The workshop is sponsored by NCRA-TIFRPune UniversityETH and ISWI