SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Prestressing System Video
2 Types of Prestressing Video
3 Prestressing System and Devices(Pre-Tensioning) Video
4 Prestressing System and Devices(Post-Tensioning) Video
5 Concrete(Part-1) Video
6 Concrete,Grout(Part-2) Video
7 Prestressing Steel Video
8 Losses in Prestress Video
9 Friction & Anchorage Slip Video
10 Creep, Shrinkage & Relaxation Losses Video
11 Analysis of Members Video
12 Analysis of Members Under Flexure Video
13 Cracking Moment, Kern Point and Pressure Line Video
14 Analysis of Rectangular sections Video
15 Analysis of Flanged Sections Video
16 Analysis of Partically Prestressed Section Video
17 Design of Members Video
18 Design of Members for Flexure (Type1 Members) Video
19 Design of Members for Flexure (Type1&Type3) Video
20 Choice of Sections and Determination of Limiting Video
21 Magnel`s Graphical Method Video
22 Detailing Requirements Video
23 Analysis and Design for Shear and Torsion Video
24 Design for Shear (Part 1) Video
25 Design for Shear (Part 2) Video
26 Analysis of Torsion Video
27 Analysis of Torsion (Part -1) Video
28 Analysis of Torsion (Part -2) Video
29 Calculations of Deflection and Crack Width Video
30 Transmission of Prestress Video
31 Post-tensioned Members Video
32 Cantilever Beams Video
33 Continuous Beams (Part 1) Video
34 Continuous Beams (Part 2) Video
35 Composite Sections Video
36 One-Way Slabs Video
37 Two-Way Slabs(Part-1) Video
38 Two-Way Slabs(Part-2) Video
39 compression Members Video
40 Circular Prestressing, Conclusion Video