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SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Electric Energy Systems A Perspective Video
2 Structure of Power Systems Video
3 Conventional Sources of Electric Energy Video
4 Hydroelectric Power Generation Video
5 Non Conventional Energy Sources Video
6 Renewable Energy (Contd.) Video
7 Energy Storage Video
8 Deregulation Video
9 Air Pollutants Video
10 Transmission Line Parameters Video
11 Capacitance of Transmission Lines Video
12 Characteristics and Performance of Transmission Lines Video
13 Voltage Regulation (VR) Video
14 Power Flow through a Line Video
15 Methods of Voltage Control Video
16 Compensation of Transmission Lines Video
17 Compensation of Transmission Lines (Contd.) Video
18 Underground Cables Video
19 Cables (Contd.) Video
20 Insulators for Overhead Lines Video
21 HVDC Video
22 HVDC (Contd.) Video
23 Distribution Systems Video
24 Automatic Generation Control Video
25 Automatic Generation Control (Contd.) Video
26 Load Flow Studies Video
27 Load Flow Problem Video
28 Load Flow Analysis (Contd.), Gauss Siedel Method Video
29 Newton Raphson (NR), Load Flow Method Video
30 Fast Decoupled Load Flow Video
31 Control of Voltage Profile Video
32 Optimal System Operation (Economic Operation) Video
33 Optimal Unit Commitment Video
34 Optimal Generation Scheduling Video
35 Optimal Load Flow (Contd.) and Hydro Thermal Scheduling Video