SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Introduction Video
2 Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems Video
3 Measurement Systems Characteristics Video
4 Temperature Measurement  Video
5 Pressure, Force and Torque Sensors Video
6 Motion Sensing Video
7 Flow Measurement Video
8 Signal Conditioning Video
9 Signal Conditioning (Contd.) Video
10 Data Acquisition Systems Video
11 Introduction to Automatic Control Video
12 P-I-D Control Video
13 PID Control Tuning Video
14 Feedforward Control Ratio Control Video
15 Time Delay Systems and Inverse Response Systems Video
16 Special Control Structures Video
17 Concluding Lesson on Process Control Video
18  Introduction to Sequence Control, PLC , RLL Video
19 Sequence Control. Scan Cycle,Simple RLL Programs Video
20 Sequence Control. More RLL Elements, RLL Syntax Video
21 A Structured Design Approach to Sequence Video
22 PLC Hardware Environment Video
23 Introduction To CNC Machines Video
24 Contour generation and Motion Control Video
25 Flow Control Valves Video
26 Hydraulic Control Systems - I Video
27 Hydraulic Control Systems - II Video
28 Industrial Hydraulic Circuit Video
29 Pneumatic Control Systems - I Video
30 Pneumatic Systems - II Video
31 Energy Savings with Variable Speed Drives Video
32 DC Motor Drives Video
33 DC and BLDC Servo Drives Video
34 Induction Motor Drives Video
35 Step Motor Drives BLDC Drives Video
36 Embedded Systems Video
37 The Fieldbus Network - I Video
38 The Fieldbus Network - II Video
39 Higher Level Automation Systems Video
40 Course Review and Conclusion Video