SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Digital Signal Processing Introduction Video
2 Digital Signal Processing Introduction Contd Video
3 Digital Systems Video
4 Characterization Description, Testing of Digital Syst. Video
5 LTI Systems Step & Impulse Responses, Convolution Video
6 Inverse Systems,Stability,FIR & IIR Video
7 FIR & IIR; Recursive & Non Recursive Video
8 Discrete Time Fourier Transform Video
9 Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) Video
10 DFT (Contd.) Video
11 DFT (Contd.) Introduction to Z Transform Video
12 Z Transform Video
13 Z Transform (Contd.) Video
14 Discrete Time Systems in the Frequency Domain Video
15 Simple Digital Filters Video
16 All Pass Filters,Com.Filters Video
17 Linear Phase filters,Complementary Transfer Fn Video
18 Compensatory Transfer Functions, (Contd.) Video
19 Test for Stability using All Pass Functions Video
20 Digital Processing of Continuous Time Signals Video
21 Problem Solving Session: FT, DFT,& Z Transforms Video
22 Problem Solving Session: FT,DFT, & Z Transforms Video
23 Analog Filter Design Video
24 Analog Chebyshev LPF Design Video
25 Analog Filter Design (Contd.): Transformations Video
26 Analog frequency Transformation Video
27 Problem Solving Session on Discrete Time System Video
28 Digital Filter Structures Video
29 IIR Realizations Video
30 All Pass Realizations Video
31 Lattice Synthesis (Contd.) Video
32 FIR Lattice Synthesis Video
33 FIR Lattice (Contd.) and Digital Filter Design Video
34 IIR Filter Design Video
35 IIR Design by Bilinear Transformation Video
36 IIR Design Examples Video
37 Digital to Digital Frequency Transformation Video
38 FIR Design Video
39 FIR Digital Filter Design by Windowing Video
40 FIR Design by Windowing & Frequency Sampling Video
41 Solving Problems on DSP Structures Video
42 FIR Design by Frequency Sampling Video
43 FIR Design by Frequency Sampling (Contd.) Video