SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Introduction to Digital Computer Organization Video
2 CPU Design-I Video
3 CPU Design-II Video
4 CPU Design Tirning and Control Video
5 Micro programmed Control-I Video
6 Micro programmed Control-II Video
7 Pipeline Concept-I Video
8 Pipeline Concept-II Video
9 Pipeline Concept-III Video
10 Pipeline CPU-I Video
11 Pipeline CPU-II Video
12 Pipeline CPU-III Video
13 Memory Organization-I Video
14 Memory Organization-II Video
15 Memory Organization-III Video
16 Memory Organization-IV Video
17 Memory Organization-V Video
18 Cache Memory Architecture Video
19 Cache Memory Architecture RAM Architecture Video
20  RAM Architecture Video
21 DAM Architecture-1 Video
22 DAM Architecture Buffer Cache Video
23 Buffer Cache Video
24 Secondary Storage Organization-I Video
25 Secondary Storage Organization-II Video
26 Secondary Storage Organization-III Video
27 I/O Subsystem Organization Video
28 Error Detection and Correction Video