SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 The Control Problem Video
2 Some More Examples Video
3 Different Kinds of Control Systems Video
4 History of Feedback Video
5 Modern Control Problems Video
6 DC Motor Speed Control Video
7 System Modelling, Analogy Video
8 Causes of System Error Video
9 Calculation of Error Video
10 Control System Sensitivity Video
11 Automatic Control of DC Motor Video
12 Proportional Control Video
13 Non-Unity Feedback Video
14 Signal-Flow Graph Video
15 Mason's Gain Formula Video
16 Signal-Flow Graph for DC Motor Control Video
17 Steady-State Calculations Video
18 Differential Equation Model and Laplace Transformation Model Video
19 D-Operator Method Video
20 Second-Order System Response Video
21 Frequency Response Video
22 Laplace Transformation Theorems Video
23 Final Value Theorem Video
24 Transfer Function and Pole-Zero Diagram Video
25 'Good' Poles and 'Bad' Poles Video
26 Signal Flow Graph with Transfer Functions Video
27 s-Domain and t-Domain Video
28 Second-Order System Response in s-Domain Video
29 Integral Feedback Video
30 Root-Locus Method Video
31 Root-Locus Rules Video
32 Asymptotes of Root Locus Video
33 Routh Array Video
34 Singular Cases Video
35 Closed Loop Poles Video
36 Controller in the Forwarded Path Video
37 Mapping of Control in the Complex-Plane Video
38 Encirclement by a Curve Video
39 Nyquist Criterion Video
40 Application of the Nyquist Criterion Video
41 Polar Plot and Bode Plots Video
42 Logarithmic Scale for Frequency Video