Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Introduction to Broadband Networks Video
2 Qos in Packet Switching and ATM Video
3 ATM Networks Video
4 Effective Bandwidth-I Video
5 Effective Bandwidth -II Video
6 Traffic Descriptor in ATM   Video
7 Claculus for Qos-I Video
8 Calculus for Qos-II Video
9 Packet Scheduling Algorithm Introduction Video
10 Fluid Fair Queueing and Weighted Fair Queueing Video
11 Virtual Time in Scheduling Video
12 Fairness of WFQ and SCFQ Scheduling Alogorithms Video
13 Rate Proportional Servers Video
14 Latency Rate Servers-I Video
15 Latency Rate Servers-II and Delay Bounds Video
16 QoS in Best Efforts , Internet- Congestion Control Video
17 TCP's Congestion Control Video
18 Analysis of TCP Video
19 TCP Thoughput Video
20 Buffer MAnagement Video
21 IP Addressing Scheme Video
22 IP Addressing Lookup And Packet Classification Video
23 IP Over ATM Video
24 Multiple Label Switching Video
25 MPLS and Traffic Engineering Video
26 Optical Networks and MPLS Video
27 Integrated Services Internet and RSVP Video
28 Differentiated Services Internet Video
29 Voice over IP Video
30 RTP Video
31 Metro Ethernet Access Networks-I Video
32 Metro Ethernet Access Networks-II Video