SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Introduction to Basic Electronics Video
2 Electronic Devices 1  Video
3 Electronics Devices II Resistor in series and parallel Video
4 Some Useful Laws in Basic Electronics Video
5 Some Useful Theorems in Basic Electronics Video
6 Semi Conductor Diodes Video
7 Applications of Diodes Video
8 Wave Shaping using Diodes Video
9 Zener Diode Characteristics Video
10 Transistors Video
11 Transistor Biasing - Common Emitter Circuits, Fixed Bias, Collector to base Bias Video
12 Transistor Biasing - Emitter Current Bias, Thermal Stability (RC Coupled Amplifier) Video
13 Basic Characteristic of an Amplifier - Simple Transistors model, Common emitter Amplifier Video
14 Hybrid Equivalent Circuit, H-Parameters Video
15 Circuit Analysis using H-Parameters Video
16 Frequency Response of Amplifiers Video
17 Frequency Analysis Video
18 Power Amplifiers Video
19 Differential Amplifiers Cit. Video
20 Integrated Chip Video
21 Typical Characteristic of Operation Amplifier Video
22 Four Types of Feed Back Video
23 Four Types of Feed Back Video
24 Mathematical Operations Video
25 Mathematical Operations Video
26 Mathematical Operations Video
27 Characteristics of Operation Amplifier Video
28 Characteristics of Operation Amplifier Video
29 Characteristics of Operation Amplifier Video
30 Inverter/Non-Inverter Circuits Video
31 Applications of Op Amps Video
32 Non-Linear Op Amp circuits Video
33 Applications of Op Amps Video
34 Active Diode Circuits Video
35 Oscillators Video
36 Logarithmic and Anti-Logarithmic Amplifier Video
37 Filters Video
38 Unit Junction Transistor Video
39 Silicon Controlled Rectifier Video
40 Field Effect Transistor Video