SR.NO Course Type Coordinators Institute
1 Basic Building Blocks In Analog ICs Video
2 Current Mirrors Video
3 Translinear Networks Video
4 Differential Amplifier Video
5 Differential Amplifier Characteristics Video
6 Video Amplifier and RF/IF Amplifiers Video
7 Cascade Amplifier Video
8 IC Negative Feedback Wide Band Amplifiers Video
9 IC Negative Feedback Amplifiers Video
10 Voltage Sources And References Video
11 IC Voltage Regulator Video
12 Characteristics and Parameters Of Voltage Video
13 Protection Circuitry For Voltage Regulator Video
14 Switched Mode Regulator And Operational Video
15 IC Operational Voltage Amplifier Video
16 General Purpose Operational Amplifier-747 Video
17 Transconductance Operational Amplifier Video
18 Audio Power Amplifier and Norton's Amplifier Video
19 Analog Multipliers Video
20 Analog Multipliers Video
21 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Video
22 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Video
23 Self Tuned Filter Video
24 Phase Locked Loop24 Phase Locked Loop Video
25 Phase Locked Loop Video
26 Phase Locked Loop Video
27 Phase Locked Loop Video
28 Current Mode ICs Video